Final Report

The full public report “Seeing Through the Cloud,” including detailed research reports as appendices, is available below alongside Commentary received and Outsourcing Contracts and PIAs reviewed.

Table of Contents

  1. Heidi Bohaker and John M. Dirks, “Privacy Impact Assessments and Microsoft & Google Vendor Contracts: Examining Canadian University eCommunications Outsourcing Decisions” 
  2. Lisa Austin and Daniel Carens‐Nedelsky, “Why Jurisdiction Still Matters” 
  3. Andrew Clement and Jonathan Obar, “Canadian Internet ʹBoomerangʹ Traffic and
    Mass NSA Surveillance: Responding to Privacy and Network Sovereignty Challenges”

  4. Stephanie Perrin, “Transboundary Challenges to Privacy Protection” 
  5. Stephanie Perrin, with Heidi Bohaker & Andrew Clement, “A Framework for Canadian Organizations Assessing Privacy Implications for Extra‐National Outsourcing of eCommunications Services” 
  6. For Further Reading: “An Annotated Bibliography”  (Susan Colbourn, with contributions from Daniel Carens‐Nedelsky and the project team)
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Outsourcing Contracts and PIAs

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